Stiftsstraße 21
52525 Heinsberg

Phone +49 (0)2452 / 924450 Fax +49 (0)2452 / 9244579


We were founded in 1975 by Dr. Elmar Bongartz as a conventional X-ray practice with nuclear medicine based at Ostpromenade 102 in Heinsberg.

As a result of expansion in 1985 and 1989 and the acquisition of computed tomography and magnetic resonance tomography equipment, the practice became an ultra-modern location. Since r moving to the new medical centre, the practice now has all modern radiology and nuclear medicine equipment at its disposal, including 1,5 Tesla MRT scanner, 20-lines-multislice-CT-device, digital X-ray/ mammography and double-head gamma camera.

Since 2008, the practice has also offered mammography screening and is a partner of the screening - civil law association Aachen-Düren-Heinsberg.

In addition to the four medical practitioners Dr.(B) Fernand Honinx, Werner Ihm, Frank Steidle, Dr. med. Inga Bosse and Mardjan Raptis, 18 MRTA’s, the practice can also call upon medical assistants and has a dedicated cleaning team working in the working in the practice.

The practice enjoys close links with the municipal hospital. This ensures the whole spectrum of the practice is available to the hospitals’ patients, improving the patient-centred care enormously, especially in critical cases.