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Our doctors

Dr. (B) Fernand Honinx

Facharzt für Radiologie

Dr. Honinx was born in Membrüggen (Belgium) in 1953. After his A-levels at the O.L.Vr. College Tongeren in 1971, he studied Human Medicine in Leuven, Belgium.... more

Dr. med. Werner Ihm

Specialist for diagnostic radiology

Born in 1961 Dr Ihm studied Medicine at the RWTH in Aachen from 1980-1987 and completed his doctorate in 1988. He was accepted as a medical specialist in radiology 1997, and became a resident doctor at the group practice with Dr. Honinx in 1999.... more

Dr. med. Frank Steidle

Specialist for diagnostic radiology

Dr. Steidle was born and grew up in Düren. After military service he began studying Physics in Aachen. He studied Human Medicine in Cologne until 1995 and moved to the hospital in Essen for his residency. After working in the field of radiation therapy in Lüdenscheid for a short time, he moved to Cologne for his continuing education in diagnostic radiology. ... more

Dr. med. Inga Bosse

Fachärztin für Radiologie

Dr. Bosse was born an grew up in Düren. After her medical studies at the RWTH in Aachen and her doctorate at the Institute for Neuroradiolog , she continued her medical training in hospitals in Stolberg and Düren until she settled in Aachen and worked as a specialist in radiology...   mehr

Mardjan Raptis

Specialist for nuclear medicine

... more