The ultrasound is a painless procedure for the examination of soft tissue. It is especially suitable for the mammary gland, the inner organs such as the abdomen and the throat but also for the heart and vessels. Joints and ligaments can be partially examined as well. The ultrasound is the primary examination method for diseases of the testicles and epididymides.

So far, this method has shown no harmful effects, unlike other methods it offers the opportunity to examine the organs, vessels and muscles in motion.

In the aftercare of cancer-suffering patients the ultrasound is a suitable addition to x-ray as helps to reduce patient exposure to radiation. .

For the examination of the mammary gland it offers a suitable addition to the mammography. In the case of a dense mammary gland in particular, it offers more information and can be used as replacement for mammography for young patients.

With our highly modern device all requirements for the modern ultrasound are fulfilled. Not every service is covered by statutory health insurance. Please talk about any particular areas of concern with us when arranging an appointment for the examination.